About us

About us

About us

Haddleton Legal  supports organisations' senior management  and in-house legal teams with their strategic, governance, compliance and legal needs as well as advising on supporting systems. The service is delivered mainly by former in-house lawyers and successful business people at a fixed cost through a mixture of legal and consultancy services.

Whether you are an organisation which needs help with business strategy or basic legal compliance and governance; or you have a developed legal function and are looking for additional resources, our services will deliver for you. Across business size and sector.

The Haddleton Legal model was conceived when James Haddleton worked in-house as Group Legal Counsel and Company Secretary . This gave him an insight in to the internal needs and dynamics of organisations. As a customer of external law firms he also saw what worked and what was lacking.

The model has some simple principles to help you, the client:

  • Strong Compliance and  Governance protects the  livelihood of the organisation and individuals. It also gives a competitive edge by strengthening trust with customers
  • Experienced former in-house lawyers and successful board directors are well placed to understand your needs and support effective and prompt decision making
  • In-house legal teams need support personally from those who have been in a similar position. This is in addition to knowledge of systems and legal advice
  • Charges should be fixed and certain
  • Our people have one target only - to deliver an excellent service to you - there are no chargeable hours and billing targets. A happy client brings its own rewards.

This means that you obtain a service entirely focused on your needs which enhances productivity and reduces legal risk – at a cost that is certain.

Better Together

James Haddleton, Founder and Director

(Header image: Copyright 2017 Mike Morley - used with permission)